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Originally Posted by Goodbye, Farewell, & Amen View Post
@ Lornami: Yeah, I had a different hat for Ash, but it was to big, so that will probably be fixed soon. As for side/back views, Professor Holly has some, which I could upload soon. Finally, Cyrus, though child he be, is still evil, but I guess I could soften him up. Oh, and thanks for responding/the compliment!

@ Rhevarhe Duh: No his hat's an edit of Diamond's baret. Thanks for the compliment!
Hehe, well I guess he could still be evil, but I just thought it was a little odd that he has a Galatic Suit on when I think he founded it.
(Thus it would not exist yet, etc. But if he was a kid that went around in that puffy stuff I could see why he was evil. I would so totally make fun of him, not joke.)

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