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Quote orignally posted by Kile986:
Off tha hook Spheal although i thnk that tha part where Wally catches tha ralts is ncomplete.I mean he takess yo pokemon and it fants like weird.I mean i know it doesnt matter it just didnt make sense and it felt poorly buggine.Mah pokemon obliterated tha ralts n tha first hit and than he sez he caught it....

EDIT:oh yeah and uh i just beat wally and was heezeeed ta tha pokemon center nearby when like mah sprite froze and tha cbeera kept movng.I was like walkng around but mah sprite was nowhere ta be seen and i was walkng through walls and stuff., that has been said and reported, flip through pages ta see....

Ranbow City? shouldn't that be a colorful city? why not make tiles of different colors?