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Sk8er Prince gave a suggestion which was really needed in LoG, to have Pokéballs early in the game. So I did and here is the person who will give you some catching items.

also, Rainbow City is done with mapping, finally.
I was busy with real life so it took me some days to finish mapping it. :\

not mush of an update, but meh~


Quote originally posted by NecroFlame:
Aww, that was kind of short.
But still, it's just the first Beta. I expect much more on the next one, and wish you best of luck with the rest. Thanks again!

Oh looky, I found a bug.

Apparently, all of the books show the same text.
tsk... I always forget to script those notebooks... -__-
I will script those tomorrow, and hopefully, I can remember doing so...

Quote originally posted by supershadow:
Hey DJG i found the problem . I had two ruby saves in the same folder . one was for LoG and one for a normal ruby where i have seen latios and started the flag . The real save had a little other name .But !VBA didn,t reconize it ... Sorry for the problem ...
Eheheheh... So that's why...
No problem...

Quote originally posted by .Pichu-kun:
Those are some lovely tiles djg. <3
Hope to see more soon.

Good luck~
Credits to both Pounder_Zeikku and TehTehTehTeh for those lovely tiles.

Quote originally posted by Mac_Mini:
Hmm I'll have to say a little bland in the scripting department
But nice tiles

Quote originally posted by Kile986:
Awesome Hack although i think that the part where Wally catches the ralts is incomplete.I mean he takes your pokemon and it faints like weird.I mean i know it doesnt matter it just didnt make sense and it felt poorly made.My pokemon obliterated the ralts in the first hit and then he says he caught it....
already on the bugs and glitches list...

Quote originally posted by Kile986:
EDIT:oh yeah and uh i just beat wally and was headed to the pokemon center nearby when like my sprite froze and the camera kept moving.I was like walking around but my sprite was nowhere to be seen and i was walking through walls and stuff.
yeah, I already know that.
Nicolas reported that to me.
It is fixed now, but not yet fixed on the current beta available... :\

Quote originally posted by Kile986:
EDIT 2:1 more..I was at the part where you encounter the rival with the charmander in the forest and he like waled out from the forest.After i beat him and he left like... the trees with red things on them(berries?)the red berry like thing were all over the floor close to the warp to the forest.
screenshot please... :\
was it a threatening glitch?

Quote originally posted by Nicolas:
Rainbow City? shouldn't that be a colorful city? why not make tiles of different colors?
The name of the city didn't came from the colours of the town.
It came from the town's history (which is still being written by me).

Quote originally posted by evrenry:
ı played your two hack games before and ı celabrate you for this wonderful games
ı wanna ask something
can you swıtch poke ability
ıt willl good ıf ve play by nev pokemon ability
ex :darkaı and bad dreams (ı played your hack games reign of legend an darkai ability was levitate ) hah what do you say?
thanks but I don't know how to add new abilities...

Quote originally posted by Tropical Sunlight:
Hey jagold!
One question:

Are you goint to visit the Go-Getters' base in the game? I know it's above Silkwind Path, am I right?
nope... Their base is on Guardia Path.
but even so, their base was long destroyed since humans now took over the region... :\
but I am still planning on making the player meeting the Go-Getters, not sure where, but it will be in the plot.

Quote originally posted by Megadark:
We all like you DJG and thx for everything even thought you had school you did your best to me i think your number on oh and sry im KARCOOM from youtube but i resend you a message and i now you dont quite read messages but it sais SORRY so yeah...

sorry---for what? :\
but yeah, I kinda don't reply to messages in my YouTube account... :\
sorry about that.

also, thanks and belated merry xmas to you.

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