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Originally Posted by neonal18 View Post
Thanks! I just need the location in Nitro Explorer of these sprites: The Pokeball throw animation, the Trainer ID picture, and the overworld sprites. I found the icon for the player in the trgra folder, but when I changed it, nothing happened. Could you please help? Thanks!
I don't know where the pokeball throw animation is for DP. In Platinum it is in trbgra.narc but cannot be edited with PokeDSPic.

For overworld sprite use the lists that Trunks(D-Trogh) posted above and PokeTEX.

Originally Posted by Blader View Post
I´m interested in that facts,too!
I reinsert a new "Trainer Back" but the Sprite of the Trainer changes(to the Original one), when he threw the Pokeball. I used PokeDsPic and edited the "trbgra.narc".
Does anyone know a solution or an alternativ?????Please help
You need to find the Pokeball Throw Sequence for DP.


The Pokeball Throw Sequences for DP are stored in \battle\graphic\batt_obj.narc

If you unpack the narc file then you can find them at files 195-202 and the corresponding palettes in files 47-54.

The offsets in the ROM are:
Start of First Palette:
Start of Last Palette:

each palette is 0x228 bytes long.

First Pokeball Throw Sequence:
Hero M: 0x01CF8054
Hero F: 0x01CF9768
Rival: 0x01CFADC4
Cheryl: 0x01CFC308
Riley: 0x01CFDA18
Marley: 0x01CFEF04
Buck: 0x01D00454
Mira: 0x01D017D8

These images are not encrypted so some manipulation with Tile Molester should work.