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Originally Posted by Mudkipblader View Post
Tingle.... lol... I never understood Tingle's design. The Legend of Zelda has more than one interesting looking character, but Tingle... o_o" And he asked way to much to tranlate the maps reading to the Tri forks.
When was the first time he appeared? Oracle games? Majora's mask?
I'm not sure about the games' release dates.

Happy Newyear by the way~
That be Majora's Mask, as far as I know. ~

Originally Posted by Mitchman Is View Post
Happy new year. Well i think tingle came out first in the oracle games and if not then wait he wasnt in ocarina of time was he. Yeah oracles most likely. Anyway i just got back to playing TP(im addicted sorry!) and i forgot to ask this. In lanyaru province the god spring if ytou go all the way up there are some unreachable hookshot points. If you get them and keep climbing higher and igher what happens? Im just curious. My god that drak link scene freaks the hell out of me.
Oh, um. In Lake Hylia part? I never really looked around much there. All I know is that there's some stuff in the lake down the bottom if you have the Zora tunic and it's got some fish. I don't think there's any Heart Pieces, I went on a quest to get them all and the golden bugs and was successful! All I have to do now is get Poes, ew. :c
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