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#org 0x2D510C
checkflag 0x829
if 0x0 goto 0x88026EB

'--------------- #org 0x8026EB lock applymovement MOVE_PLAYER 0x8802701 waitmovement 0x0 msgbox 0x8802705 MSG_NORMAL '"[player] better take me pokemon wi..." release end

'--------- ' Strings '--------- #org 0x802705 = [player] better take me pokemon with me.\nIf I do not a wild pokémon maby\lattack me

'----------- ' Movements '----------- #org 0x802701 #raw 0x62 'Exclamation Mark (!) #raw 0x10 'Step Down (Normal) #raw 0xFE 'End of Movements

this is a script that made the player not go to route 1 if you not had your pokemon in your party but if you do have the pokemon in your party than you can't go to route 1.

Whats the problem with this script?