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Yes we are. Im reading around and well wow rumors have been really sparce. But i did like the sound of that axis of shadows game. You know Axis of shadows the one that sigeru supposedly confirmed. Yeah the one that was rumor to be out by now. Anyway it hasd a catchy tune to it. Maybe hell the game would be called that but it was taken as fake. They do that and my eyes would twitch for hours. Do we submit our favorite fan art as well here? I mean i got a couple.

Ganon this is the royal gaurds. Put the triforce down slowly and your hands up or we will be forced to strike.

Wow realy eye popper.

Aww wind waker.

Anyway yeah i love those 3. And hmm quick question:
When you bought your zelda games did you buy them with your console or no? I did. OoT i got it with my N64 wind waker i got it around 2003 when i got me a cube and then when i got the wii(3 days after euro release haha!) i got tp. Anyone else?