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Quote originally posted by NeoNemesis:
Ok, I've fixed the script to my best knowledge... You were missing a pausemove 0x0 in part of the script, and I rearranged the way your movements were written.. Because the way you had them written used to give me errors in Pokescript, even though they should work. Also, try adapting to XSE, it's much better and most of the time tells you what you're doing wrong in your script.. And it's much less buggy. Anyway, I hope the script works. Also, try using a different flag than the pokemon menu.. Maybe set/clear it in a previous part of the game, because I think used flags in the game can give you messed up errors... Because I've never run into a script where everything went red in the end lol.
Thanks for the help, but it still gives me the same problem...

I'm not sure if it is something wrong with the script, but with A-map maybe? This script did work a few hours ago, until I changed the pause time and the movements and re-compiled the script and entered in the new offset.

I had two events on one map with the same script as the one in my orginal post, one of them simply had 2 extra movements. I tested one script and it worked, and then tested the other and it did not.... odd?

If I can't get it to work, i'll just go with your advice and start fresh with XSE.