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Originally Posted by derventa View Post
Oh, I see what I did there...we'll gyms shouldn't be accessible if you didn't beat the preceding gym.

You said I won't be able to keep up with opponents levels..can you give me an idea of later gyms and the Elite four? I really don't want to raise 1 fun in that

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Give you an idea? Now, that would be no fun. And, to be honest, we barely made it through alive. Does that give you a good enough hint?

To be truthful, it is quite easy to train more than one Pokémon, so long as you battle through all of the wild Pokémon. Heck, I kept up five Pokémon above the levels for a little while. The later Gyms are also accessible in the original. They did that with FireRed, too. Didn't you notice that you could just skip the third badge and move onto the fourth if you wanted to?

Originally Posted by Gamer2020 View Post
I trained 6 and I kept up with the levels. You just have to train the right pokemon and know how to battle.
Actually, this guy is right. ^^ Not to say that you're not usually right :D

Certain Pokémon are more difficult to train than others, and some are much easier to train. The know-how to battle isn't required so much, but if you're behind on levels, then knowing how to battle Gym Leaders effectively can be extremely helpful.

And, if anyone sees anything odd or strange, (like wild level 1 Goldeens roaming free near Powerline Road XD) feel free to PM me with the problem. It'd be cool if we could get this perfect. Or if you need help with something, my Live Messenger account is up there, next to my name and stuff. ^^

EDIT: I have found a few major problems with the current locale of our cameos. It seems that somehow, the scripting got a wee bit off. :D

Anywho, I'll set to work on it tomorrow. All of you who've stumbled upon our secret location, please do not enter it until I create a new patch for you all. And besides, I have a little more to add to our cameos.. ^_^
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