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Thanks Mitchman.

A new Fakemon sheet and done. With this sheet done I also declare that soon the region will be complete, at least in concept. The only remaining Fakemon to make are legendaries. This also means that I think I could soon begin an RP for it. A few things still have to be figured out, but I don't predict said things to take too long. I also realized somewhere along the lines I screwed up my dex #'s. It's not too big of a deal since I'll be messing with the order later on. I should be at about 645 if I remember correctly.

So on the todo list:
-Fakemon moves/other left out bits
-Figuring how to work the RP
-Deciding on the site I'll host the RP

That last one I wish I could decide on. I'm going to have to host it one location, I don't want to run like 5 different RP's. At the same time I feel bad about make everyone who wants to join it have to sign up on a new site somewhere. I also have to be smart about the site I choose. I don't want to flood the wrong site with a whole bunch of random users. If anyone has a good suggestion, I'm all ears. If you want it here, let me know, if you want it somewhere else, let me know. I'm open to suggestions and I'm going to probably go with what the fans want.

606 - Pichu
607 - Pikachu
608 - Raichu

609 - Cubone
610 - Marowak

611 - Magikarp
612 - Gharados

613 - Venonat
614 - Venomoth
615 - Venora: Bug/Poison type. Evolves from Venomoth in an unknown way. "This monster of a Pokemon is supposedly able to shoot lightning from its antennae, and have psychic powers."

616 - Heracrash: Bug Type. Evolves into Heracross at level 25. "It uses it's powerful horn to run into trees and try and knock fruit down from them."
617 - Heracross

618 - Bagbird: Ice Type. Evolves into Delibird at Level 20. "Bagbird collects small objects and stores them in its bag like tail. It then gives them to it's parent or trainer."
619 - Delibird
620 - Postian: Ice/Flying Type. Evolvse from Delibird in an unknown way. "This Pokemon can deliver almost anything. It's said that it's bag has no bottom."

621 - Shroomish
622 - Breloom
623 - Flintoom: Grass/Fire Type. Evolves from Shroomish in an unknown way. "The spores it shoots out from the ends of its arms can burn much like fire can."

624 - Seel
625 - Dewgong

626 - Zubat
627 - Golbat
628 - Crobat

629 - Geodude
630 - Graveller
631 - Golem

632 - Tentacool
633 - Tentacruel

634 - Billybolt: Electric/Dark Type. "Scurrying along the floors of caves, this Pokemon lights dark tunnels. It is ironically afraid of the dark."
635 - Gowatt: Electric/Dark Type. Evolves from Billybolt at level 30. "Able to scale tall mountains, Gowatts tend to stay near the tip of mountains where they can stay close to storm clouds and recharge."
636 - Ramsurge: Electric/Dark Type. Evolves from Gowatt at level 50. "Legend says that Ramsurges prance atop storm clouds to create lightning storms."

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