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Originally Posted by Johnny8876 View Post
fine you know what i will make another one just to prove you weirdos wrong, and seriosly oi i dont want to make you mad but dont tell me to get a life look in the mirror. but i will make another sprite just to make you people happy, and if you say i stole this one to then you guys are just busting my balls,
lol look in the mirror? I dont spend all day whining and trying to make people believe my lies over the internet. Every since the day you've come to PC you've acted like a little baby with the "oh wow this is so cool" then when something doesnt go your way "Man I'm tired of this ****! you dont believe me!" you need to grow up and like I said before. GET A LIFE my friend....If you dont like the fact that stealing sprites meant DQ in the contest go join another one that allows it. But how can all these PC members be lying on you? lol and were the weirdos? If we were so weird why do you come here like every hour trying to be like us? If PC is full of "weirdos" then go somewhere with people like you.