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Thats my Script.

#dynamic 0x26ECB8

#org @start lock faceplayer setvar 0x8008 0x9 call 0x1A8CAD checkflag 0x1000 if 0x1 goto @how msgbox @yesno 0x5 compare LASTRESULT 0x0 if 0x1 goto @too call 0x1A8CBD compare 0x8004 0x6 if 0x4 goto @too call 0x1A8CC9 comparevars2 LASTRESULT 0x8009 if 0x5 goto @not call 0x1A8CD9 msgbox @thanksalot 0x4 setflag 0x1000 release end

#org @not bufferpokemon 0x0 0x27 msgbox @not2 0x4 release end

#org @too bufferpokemon 0x0 0xD3 msgbox @too2 0x4 release end

#org @how msgbox @old 0x4 release end

#org @thanksalot = Thanks \nI really mean it!

#org @not2 = That's not [buffer1]\nYou have it or not?

#org @too2 = Dammit, I wanted one [buffer1]!

#org @yesno = Hey there!\nDo you have a [buffer1]?\lWant to trade it for my\l[buffer2]?

#org @old = I miss [buffer2]\nYour [buffer1] is doing fine.

He say a don't know comparevars2 on line 17. how can i fix this?

It's a trade script