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hi people. I have been too busy with real life, school and the like.
Also, I have been hooked by my brothers in playing an online game called Atlantica, so progress were slow...

Anyways, here's a little update. New tree tile...

Small update, huh?
Sorry about that...


Quote originally posted by MegaMaccer:
Looks great so far, but I was playing the beta and got up to when you are on the boat and you talk to that guy at the back, he says something about getting a Pokedex after finishing trainer school, then it freezes. is that normal?

are you playing the first beta or the fixed beta?

Quote originally posted by Nicolas:
Please refer to the first page... should it shouldn't I? is it really necessary to edit the mugshots?? it still has white backgrounds and it looks crappy... could you make it more um... big? so it'll overlap the remaining whit space and change the background like Mystery Dungeon's??

I like the way it is now.
I'll think about it.

Quote originally posted by ~Areku-San:

Hello, well, frankly do not think that you proposed trilogy, but I've hit, I think you will ... You are the little-ROM Hackers who have an admiration for your perseverance, and despite the fact that competitions of this forum will be arranged and more corrupt than anything, where the administrators of the forums themselves as Hackers year-ROM ( and I mean it, if I banner me), I think there is talent here yet.

Had not come to this forum because of that for almost 3 weeks but to see this hack, I think he will follow his footsteps ^ ^ U!

Well, good luck in your third project, I see that is great and very well planned, especially Avatars of sprites: p.

Good luck and you know, you open the doors WAH! Greetings!

I don't understand your message fully, but er, thanks?

Quote originally posted by Tropical Sunlight:
Hey DJG... You have 2 same screens on the first page...
Any updates?

Oh yeah... Didn't noticed that. Thanks~


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