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Quote originally posted by Aviancode:
Hey. I just want to know that when the final version of rijonAdventures comes out will I still be able to use my current save file? Oh, and can someone give me a good place to train my pokémon? I need to beat the final gym leader. he took out my Level 55 Charizard with just his Slaking. O.o Please Reply, Thanks.
If you don't use save states, then yes, you will be able to transfer your save file over.

And, because it's sorta needed because of some of the glitches people have gotten:

2009 beta
January 12th 2009
How was Christmas and the New Year? Was it fine? I've got something new for the New Year, too.

This release is more of an incremental thing. It fixes a few bugs that people have encountered, but it also adds the updated Merson Cave map I showed off earlier. Give it a whirl if you'd like!

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