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Quote originally posted by TheNerdyPotato:
is there any easy way to get a pokemon from the Prof Oak pokeballs without using the event, like I want to just walk up and press it, see the pokemon and get it.
Also im a newb at this

First can you tell me which scripting language you are using?

(ie: XSE, PKSV, Pokescript)

Quote originally posted by deathscythe:
Great Tutorial... Thumbs up!

I need a little help on the inserting new map.

Using Ruby version... I've recreate a map 24,14 and resize it to Width [ 35 ] and Height [ 100 ].

Once everything is done, I've always test out everything from the beginning and I encounter this major bug.

Any tips or idea on how to fix this, or avoid it?

This is not neccisarily a mapping error, but a scripting eror.

This happens when you put any new scripts in without using a new pionter for texts,


  • Open advance map save the map and add it to a fresh rom
  • Open all the scripts from the rom and look for problems in text/messages
  • Use advance map and correct the error.
To aviod the problem in the futture, use free space finder(s) to look for offsets to use.

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