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Hi everybody
Since my old Map Rating System produced too good ratings in my eyes I remade it.
So here it is:

Netis Map Rating System V1.1

As you can see, there are 50 points maximum now (the old one had 25 max).
Also, it is harder to reach the ratings Good and Stunning!

Feel free to use and refer to it!
You can download an excel file here that lets you create ratings with it easily. It also contains the guideline.
You can download it here: Netis Map Rating System V1.1.1
You need Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc to open this! (I didn't test OpenOffice Calc, but there shouldn't be differences)
There are no differences in the guideline in V1.1 and V1.1.1, but in V1.1.1 you can add the Map Name, the Author and your name so others know who rated the map if the image is posted somewhere else.

I will introduce it with a rating as soon as somebody else posts. I dont want to put the rating into this post, cause it will be linked in my signature so everybody can look it up.