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Quote originally posted by Watch That Pin, Drifloon!:
What style are you trying to do this in? 3rd gen RSE/FRLG or 4th gen DPP?

Cause you've got it wrong both ways, haha ;

Also dude, you should also try to watch your language a bit in the future, k?
Yeah, the original was much better. Thankfully, its still on my computer.

Edit: OK, I'll watch my language

Quote originally posted by Jonny Chleevas:
AH! Okay, glad to hear that (sad at not being able to use Ash...). For Nurse Joy I'd say just the side of her, but some fangames and sprite comics etc. might want movement with them.
Hmm... I guess I'll get working on a side pose for Joy. But Ash was to much work to pass out willy nilly
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