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Quote originally posted by hot_kage:
in XSE, i set a flag in one script and check it in another but it's not working
here are my scripts
This is the scrip that sets the flag
dynamic 0x2DD220

#org @start lock faceplayer checkflag 0x28E if 0x1 goto @end setflag 0x7 setflag 0x28E msgbox @talk 0x6 setflag 0x828 givepokemon 0x85 0x5 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 fanfare 0x13E msgbox @eevee 0x6 msgbox @dex 0x6 fanfare 0x13E setflag 0x829 msgbox @dex2 0x6 msgbox @balls 0x6 giveitem 0x4 0x5 0x0 msgbox @care 0x6 release end

#org @talk = [blue_fr]If You Want To Leave CLEARWATER\nTOWN You need a POKéMON. Here Take\lThis EEVEE. It Will Come In\lHanding On Your Journey.

#org @eevee = [red_fr][PLAYER] Recived EEVEE!

#org @dex = [blue_fr]To Keep Info On The POKéMON You've\nSeen and Captured, You'll Need\lThis POKéDEX Too.

#org @dex2 = [red_fr][PLAYER] Recived POKéDEX From OFFICER.

#org @balls = [blue_fr]To Capture WILD P0KéMON, You'll\nAlso Need POKéBALLS.\l

#org @care = [blue_fr]Take Care on Your Journey [PLAYER]!

#org @end release end

and clears it:
#dynamic 0x71BBE1

#org @start lock faceplayer checkflag 0x7 if 0x0 goto @poke release end

#org @poke = [red_fr]You Should Get A POKéMON Before\nEntering The POKéGARDEN.

#org @end release end

any ideas?
simply flag #0x7 is too low... those flag (under 200 and between 800 and 850) are already used from the game... qhy don't you try with setflag 0x1050 for example?


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