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Quote originally posted by EBAiscool:
Nice scripting there!
Tiles are cool too!
Maybe you want to edit the sprite next?
Before the beta I will do it

Quote originally posted by Mac_Mini:
Very nice Hockey I can't wait too see what the full script will be like
Incedently do ou happen to have a video you can show us
Sometime soon.

Quote originally posted by iPro.:
Hey Panda, this all looks amazing. The only fault I could find, is the grass animation palette. If you would like me to, I can edit is lickity split. Or tell you how.
ALright talk to ya on MSN soon

Quote originally posted by Vrai:
I swear, you update faster than anyone else on the forums. O_o

It looks nice, though.
Thank you :D


Endigo Canyon Caverns are up, they are actually the Himachi Caves.
After I script them all out and the canyon beta tester time than public alpha 1 a week after or so.

Visual Cavern updates.

Thanks and comments, questions are welcome!

~Teh Panda

Mystic still in work to let you know...