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Pokemon Moonlight: The Mystery of PokeRus

The newest update of Pokemon Moonlight!

Welcome to Pokemon Moonlight, the Mystery of PokeRus! After a week or two of a very sad tradedgy, which is quoted here from one of my threads:

Well, today at school, we were having a normal any other day. Me and my friends were laughing and doing our work, and introducing the new girl in our class. That is, until an hour ago...

Our teachers took us into a 6th grade teacher's old room, which was cleaned out. Then, the principal came in. We all thought is was just a lockdown. ( a lockdown is when someone comes into your school and sells things with out going to the office first. That means the person is a stranger and could harm the children. Then the teachers bring us all to a certain room and lock the door untill the get the Okay Sign in their walkie-talkies.)

Anyways, when we thought it was a lockdown. You see, I have a best friend. A year and a month ago, he was diagonsed with Lupus. (More information about this tragic sickness here.) But, at first it wasn't that serious. He was doing fine, and made friends (ie. Me) and played sports as usual. Yet, the first month, his mother hesitated about going outside becuase he was first showing symptoms of Lupus at a soccer game.

Now, back to the 'lockdown'. Well, it was no lockdown... On the last week of christmas break, this friend of me caught the flu, only making his serious sickness worse. So, it all resulted this morning.

He died.

It was very sad; I can't believe I'm bringing myself to type about this. All of the kids in our class started bawling, and after a few minutes, we were sent to our rooms. Note that this was after lunchtime. Soon, the principal called his best friends to have a talk with them. With suprise, she called out my name, Eneko's name, and someone else's. We went to the prinipal's and discussed what happened. It was very sad. Then, the teachers started asking their students if they wanted to leave. It's very logical to let us leave early; we were all crying so we couldn't focus on work.

And guess what? I had a dental appointment today o.o'

This thread is just to ask some other members if one of their close friends have passed away, and how tragic it was. Of course, if you don't feel like posting about it, that is perfectly fine with me.
To view the whole thread, click here. This quote was posted January 7th, 2009

This, along with midterms, has made Pokemon Moonlight take a few steps back in development. OF course, it wasn't completly stopped, but with midterms and the thought of a loved one that had passed away, it's kind of hard to make a game. But, I started working on the game some more this weekend, and today I have quite a bit to show you all.

What's this? A New Hero?

That's right! Just as I promised, I would give you the new hero/heroine soon. Here are some screenshots of the character in action!
credit to me for the back sprite, credit to esmas and $_$ for OW.

All images, sprites, pokemon, ideas, etc. are copyright
Pokemon Moonlight 2008. Do not steal.

The Newest Event of January!

This is the newest thing I have done in Pokemon Moonlight. Like I said, you must go into the japanese house and defeat whatever's in there for those two NPCs to move. Well, to get in the house, someone is blocking the way.

What to Expect!

This is the section where I talk about what to expect in the next update. Hopefully, it will feature some of the things listed here:
  • Heroine Sprites
  • Professor Oak Sprites
  • More New Jinju Fakemon
  • More Events/Maps

Again, this is Nytkoi, signing out! Stay tuned for more updates on Pokemon Moonlight! Support today!
All images, sprites, pokemon, ideas, etc. are copyright
Pokemon Moonlight 2008. Do not steal.
Pokemon Copper Version - Now on PC!
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