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once again i have another script
(im a bad scripter xD)

#dynamic 0x26D9C0

#org @start lock faceplayer msgbox @hello boxset 0x6 msgbox @go boxset 0x5 if 0x0 goto @go2 if 0x1 goto @end applymovement 0x10 @move2 applymovement 0xFF @move3 applymovement 0xFF @move waitmovement 0x0 fadescreen 0x0 warp 0x3 0x1 0x0 0x23 0x11 release end

#org @hello = Hello [PLAYER].\nThis [blue_fr]UNDERWATER TUNNEL[black_fr]Leads To\lThe Underwater Haven of\l[blue_fr]OCEANIA CITY.\l

#org @go = [PLAYER], Would You Like To Vist\n[blue_fr]OCEANIA CITY[black_fr] via [blue_fr]UNDERWATER\lTUNNEL?

#org @move2 #raw 0x0C 0x0E 0x02 0xFE

#org @move3 #raw 0x1D 0xFE

#org @go2 = Okay!\nTake This [blue_fr]DIVING GEAR[black_fr]and..\lDIVE!\l

#org @move #raw 0x66 0x1E 0x15 0x60 0xFE

#org @end release end

Problem: Once It Reaches The boxset 0x5
if 0x0 goto @go2
if 0x1 goto @end
it just stops when you press yes or no
(and btw which is which; is 0x0 yes and 0x1 no?)