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Originally Posted by Alistair View Post
Umm... there is plenty of uncredited/stolen content, here.

For one, you have used many of my tiles and still have not given me credit, even though I told you before. You are also using Kyledove's tiles without crediting him, and you are also using Remy's tiles, which he does not let anyone use. Please just remove Remy's tiles, and make a credits list with Kyledove, me, and anyone else whose sprites you have used.
Sorry for the uncredited, but nothing here is stolen, if I took pictures that will be used in another game was no intention to take advantage of anyone ...

I have a bunch of pictures of custom tilesets here on my PC, and some are more than a year here, then not remember where I got and put them in the game without problems.

But I saw that here in Pokécomunitty is very charged, and sorry again, give credit to everyone, if you have something in your in-game credits will let me know that.

And what would be the tilesets of Remy?

Thank you and sorry for my poor english ...
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