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Every Monday is always making me busy with school, since I'll be in school from 7 in the morning 'till 7 at night. D:

Anyways, while at school, I finished early with my program activities and so I decided to continue the Freezing Script.
And I really finished it.
Oh, and I decreased the possibility of breaking yourself free after you are frozen. Pretty annoying, huh?

All I need to do now is to test it and see if it works properly.

Anyways, I have received this in my profile page...

yah, I'm really thankful for those.


Originally Posted by .Phones View Post
It's a good concept, but it should be: "The freezing temperature made you freeze!"
Originally Posted by GalaxyTurbo View Post
And what happens if we can't break free with the 50% chance?

And congratulations on winning HotM DJG

EDIT: My grammar may be wrong, but I think its " The freezing temperature made you freeze!"
yah, sorry about that and thanks for the grammar report.
also, if you don't break out freely?
well... you faint.
thank you~

Originally Posted by Pokedra View Post
Congrats DJG for winning Hotm.
thank you~

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Djg you're mean to us :D :D :D but that looks pretty good and cg 4 HotM award
yah, and thanks~

Originally Posted by jefffan3 View Post
DJG so can i help you With the hack? you never replyed to my pm
well. yah, sure.
are you good with OverWorlds? Nicolas needs a bit of help with those, though~

Originally Posted by ~Darklight~ View Post
hey DJG nice script . .. BUT ! You better make a bar at the upper-right corner that shows your teperatuur .O and try to make it warmere at day and cold at night . that should be so cool when you need to play around 13:00 to get through the field faster .
that's WAY too advance for my level of hacking. :\
besides, I am not an advance/expert hacker.
If you don't believe me, then it's up to you~
but yah, it's a nice idea.
I'll try and see if I can work on that. but I won't make any promises... :\

Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
Hey DJG! Nice updates!
I really lke the updates, but I don't like the nerving effect of it.

Originally Posted by NecroFlame View Post
Congrats on once again winning HoTM! Excellent work with the game and I love the new freezing script.
Keep up the excellent work!
thank you~

Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
on the first post, it says the third sequel, I think you mean third installment, second sequel.
meh~ :\

Originally Posted by Lockmaster24 View Post
congrats on HotM! DJG and really someone should you to go back home maybe the ranger should say "I'll wait here, you should go back home"

What about the third part of the triolgy?
yah, I'll do that later on.
and this is the third part... :\

Originally Posted by PKNM Freak Bror View Post
Congratulations to your hack DJG i knew it was gonna win a price quick. You and you're team are the best hackers ever

Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
The screen is taken by night, right?
How did you do the freezing? Just asking :p
Also, congrats on winning the HotM!
Why can't we vote for it in the HotW?
I'd like to make a award for it
yah, it's taken by night, but don't let it fool you though.
even on the day, you'll get frozen.

but thanks, and yah, I don't know why it's not on the HotW as well, but meh, I could care less.
We should give the spotlight to other hacks though.


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