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Quote originally posted by Tropical Sunlight:
Come on, don't be so anti-selfish!
I hope we'll get the item soon in the game

Though I haven't planned on where you'll get the item, though. :\
But it'll be in the game.

Quote originally posted by deadlyangel91792:
yes i cant believe i just found out your releasing this!!!!!!!!!!! you have just made my day djg but i do have some questions will we still be able to catch angaelean (forgot how to spell it) and what about chaomega he was so awesome in rescue rangers can we catch him this time around???,any new male sprites i havent seen one yet,also did you really managed to get day and night system working? this is just so incredible sorry if i asked to many questions im so excited now!!!!
I already released the first beta for like months ago, but thank you~
Also, yah, you'll be able to catch Angeallen in this game, but not sure how, but you'll catch it.
Chaomega's in the game as well.
The male's sprite is inserted, but not yet available in the first beta release.
Well, it's thanks to Mastermind_X's Day and Night tool to have a day and night.

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
50% chance of fainting?! oh that's great :D You sure know how to make things interesting
but it's no longer 50% fainting, but I increased the possibility of the player to faint, and meaning, I decreased the chances for the player to beark free.

Quote originally posted by ~Darklight~:
Hey DJG what happens when you faint ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
you get warped back home, I guess. :\

Quote originally posted by wNtR Azazel:
OMG, you faint?! whoa...
Can't wait for beta 2, oh, and congrats on getting HotM

Quote originally posted by jefffan3:
im ok with overworlds never tried them much but yea so should i pm him or u pm him and tell him to pm me?

o yea forgot to mention..........who is cerogia or something forgot spelling my RR game crashed at fighting the 4 gardians i lost on the last 1 and well it gliched and said i had to restart yet rose was thare as all 3 eevees in the spots she appears and espeon :/know anything that could fix it ithout restarting?
you mean Chaomega, right?
well, CHaomega's the guardian of Chaos and the guardian of the Tower of Fate in RR and in LoG.


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