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I think you should make your own level scripting sutorial and add it here. Because
Cooleys was hard to understand for me. (Still learned it )
The reason I've gone so quiet, Is because that I seem to have no
Friends here on the community. With all the people saying:
"Dont use the same Sig as me", and People I hate blaming me for
"Down Rep'ing them".. Well Im a hacker, nothing can change that.

I just hope people will soon like me again.
Heres a PM from Mac;
Hey ¦Next Pro I just want to tell you that I don't hate you.
I just get pissed when you call me a n00b when I can script better than you.
Jesse and Jake (Disturbed) Only hate you because you act like your better than all of us.
Just read it and think.

Lol thinks he can script better than I.
And I have never acted like im better than you, if i let people see my VM's
Then you would see all the times you called me N00b. Im just getting you back, N00b.

Disturbed is a n00b, and Jesse.. Well STFU if you think that.
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