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Originally Posted by Jonny Chleevas View Post
I have to say then( if we don't go into the 'its not kyledoves, its mine, LIKE kyledoves) good job, and I'm glad that the games will continue.
Thanks, i've got some more screenshots to show later of the newer tiles etc.

There are alot of people who make tiles in kyledove's style anyway.

Just some more screenshot's showing Odyssey's new look which will be shown in full, when I get time to create a new thread, ready for the fresh start I'm giving the game.

And before people start commenting on the screenshots please note, the snow tiles ARE my own, you can zoom in and check if you like, the mountain tiles are heavy edits of the FR/LG ones with a SIMILAR palette to Kyledove's not the exact same. The snowy path is an edit of the existing SINNOH TILESET that Kyledove released, I just changed the colours of the tile, you can check if you like.

Hopefully no one will have any problems with these. I personally prefer this new style, it feels a bit newer.

~Credit to Kyledove for the tiles.
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