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Apparently, you guys like to update very, very fast. xD

Jirachi's Key
(chapter one, the first chapter of the story. note that I included a time skip to avoid boring filler.)

A low buzzing sound filled the labyrinthine passageways and echoed off of the brown rock walls. This slight annoyance seemed innocent enough, being that one of the travelers in such a cave happens to be a Magneton, but a Raichu traveling with him sees things quite a bit differently…

“Holy Arceus! Helio, shut off that buzzing! It’s getting on my nerves!” the Raichu spat.

“I can’t help it. I am a Magneton, in case you hadn’t noticed. It is something that I just do.” Came the reply from the mechanical Pokemon floating near him.

“Well, turn it off!”

“I can’t.”


“…” Nothing except a low whirring.

“Ha! No comment. I beat you!”

“But, still.” Helio replied. “The natural buzzing I emit is nothing compared to you when a female Pokemon walks by. I don’t know if you should be talking.”

Caro crossed his arms. “Well… at least I-“

“Both of you, stop arguing! You’ll wake up every Pokemon in this entire place.” A female voice flung a wet towel over the argument.

Kris scolded her two friends, paws crossed across her cream-furred chest. Padding along on her four powerful, muscular paws, the streamlined cat Pokemon had an air of imposingness – usually cut short by Helio’s even more imposing aura, but that doesn’t matter. A red gem glinted in the middle of her forehead, where two dark eyes examined everything, missing nothing. Her rounded ears twitched and rotated with every sound, and whiskers twitched in much the same matter.

Caro, the Raichu, wasn’t all too thrilled about the concept of his friend – friend, not girlfriend, that would be gross - ordering him around.

“Hey! Who are you to order us about?! You’re hardly older than we are!” Caro argued. Helio, the Magneton Caro had mentioned earlier, lost his balance and stumbled for a second, but then regained control and moved on.

“Anyway…” Kris said with a little bit of a loud tone to get past the voices of the two Electric Pokemon; Caro, at least. Helio never seemed to raise his voice. Kris was doing her best to forget about how much her two friends squabbled. The Persian sighed and tried to change the subject to something a bit more interesting. “We need to keep going, you two. The Treasure is probably just ahe-“

“What is this treasure?” Caro cut in, a bit annoyed. “You’ve been talking about it the whole time we’ve been in this stupid mountain, but we have absolutely no idea what ‘it’ is! You’re always like this, Kris... Dragging us into things without telling us the whole story. So please, for the sake of sanity, tell us what the heck you are talking about.”

The Persian rolled her eyes and snorted loudly. Typical Caro dialogue. “Well if you want to know about it, fine. We’re searching for Jirachi’s Key, a-“

“An ancient artifact said to be able to grant any wish its wielder commands,"
Helio said calmly, stopping and turning to the cream-colored cat Pokemon who was standing in between himself and Caro. "However, if said wielder does something incredibly foolish with it, there is no way to reverse the Key’s effects. It is very rare, and there are only rumors as to its location. One of the rumors says it is in this cave. Correct?”

The Persian and Raichu stood there for a second, dumbstruck, until someone broke the silence.

“Well, yeah, but I wanted to say it!” Kris glowered at her friend, ticked that he could steal her thunder so easily.

“What, were you trying to impress me or something?” Caro snorted.

“No! I just… wanted to.” Kris argued back, raising her snout higher into the air, determined to ignore Caro. She opened her mouth slightly to scent the air, and her eyes widened.

“Ooh, stop arguing! You’ll wake up every Pokemon in this entire place!” Caro taunted, complete with Kris’ Persian ears imitation. The taller cat Pokemon stood briefly on her hind legs and whacked him on the side of the head with a clenched paw. She then sprang forward to catch up with Helio, who had moved ahead apparently not daunted by their constant fighting.

Quickly running past him, Kris squealed with delight.

“H-hey…there it is! Jirachi’s Key!”

“You mean it really exists?” Caro gasped, quickly filling the gap Kris had made. Kris pointed to the center of the room, where a shiny black rock was sitting on a small pillar, about as tall as a couple of Pikachus standing on each others head. Sunlight came down from cracks in the cave’s roof, but any light that got near the Key was promptly… sucked in?

“I’m gonna get it first!” Kris taunted at Caro, and then lunged for the Key.

“No, I am!” Caro fought back. Helio watched them argue from the entrance to the smaller cavern, having no desire to touch the Key for himself; however, when Kris pushed Caro to the side, he got a good look at it and began to get worried.

“No!” He shouted. “Don’t touch that! That’s not the Treasure, it’s the Galaxy-“

Helio didn’t have time to finish his sentence. As he moved forward, a bright light flowed out from where Kris and Caro had touched it, at the same time.

“Oh Arceus…” Helio muttered as the light became brighter, eventually forcing the three adventurers to close their eyes.

High above, a bright light blasted out of the huge mountain next to Treasure Town, shooting up straight into the heavens and probably outer space, too.

Meanwhile, down in the village, an old Alakazam exited his house to watch the light flare up into the sky. He smiled knowingly.

“It’s been ten years already? Oh, my…”

This is a separation! Isn't it cool?

Bright light. It seemed like the three Pokemon were being sucked into a vacuum – they were black silhouettes on a bright white backdrop. Because of the brightness of said backdrop, the trio was forced to close their eyes. Maybe if they had kept them open they would have noticed their bodies changing shape?

This is a separation too!

“-Key.” Helio finished, that sinking feeling in his stomach getting worse by the second.

“Ugh…I feel sick…” Caro moaned. He hadn’t opened his eyes yet. “What happened? We touched Jirachi’s Key and then…”

“That wasn’t Jirachi’s Key.” Helio said in his characteristic blank tone. “It was the Galaxy Key, a different ancient artifact. Supposedly, it has the ability to teleport the wielder to whichever world he or she thinks about. Apparently, that's true.”

“But I wasn’t thinking about…here!” Caro and Kris objected at the same time. They glared intensely at each other for a moment, but then Caro looked away.

“Ha ha!” Kris taunted and smirked at Caro. “I got you! Score one for me! Now all you need is one point, He-“ Kris stopped midsentence as she looked at her friend. She was about to open her mouth, when-

“BWAAAH!” Caro screamed. He looked down at himself – or, at least what he thought was himself. Instead of the sleek, streamlined, powerful body he had a couple of minutes ago, there was a body that very vaguely resembled a Lucario’s and Machop’s in terms of anatomy. The tan-pink flesh on it was not hidden by any pelt, except for some pieces of a soft material on his torso and down to his legs, which also had no pelt covering the bare skin. He tried as hard as he could to lash his tail, but couldn’t. Turning around, he saw that the reason he couldn’t do such a thing is because he had no tail to lash. Apparently, finding Jirachi’s Key is more trouble than it’s worth.

“H-h-human…? I’m a… human…” he whimpered. Looking over at Kris, he saw the same thing with some slight differences, but he didn’t much care about those.

She was wearing a different pelt than he was. He had on an orange pelt on his chest, with a design that looked a bit like his Raichu torso – a small comfort, but a comfort nonetheless. His bottom pelt was a bunch of blues mashed together into little fragments. The only fur he had was some brownish fur on the top of his head, which cascaded down his back and stopped with what he thought was called a ‘Ponyta-tail’ collecting it all. She, on the other hand, had a cream pelt over her torso, and white pelts covering her legs.

“Uh…” Kris muttered, trying out her new human paws, “from what I know about Humans, we seem to be in the age range that Humans classify as ‘teenagers’. But you, Helio, look like what a Human classifies within the ‘Adult’ or ‘grown-up’ age range. Why is that?” She cocked her head, and yellowish hair flowed down her back, stopping near the bottom of her shoulder blades.

“So… Helio. Can I ask you something?” Caro asked, having in essentials the same question as Kris did.

“Yes.” He replied, keeping the monotone in his voice despite what had just happened.

“Why do we look like this…and you look like that?

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