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Quote originally posted by Josephine:
How exactly is that not spriting?

Using the pencil tool seems perfectly valid to me.

Just using the pencil tool to draw does not make the end result a sprite. It makes it a drawing done on MS Paint. If you clean up that drawing by zooming in and editing it pixel by pixel, then that would be a sprite.


This is poorly, somewhat sloppily recolored... but it's still a lot better than the last thread, so meh XD

Quote originally posted by Tropical Sunlight:
Kenji, can we use these sprites when they are "finished"?
Um.. I don't know. I'm not sure how everyone would feel about having their work lumped in with others, and you'd have to end up crediting a lot of people.. I would just go with making your own, these are just for fun.

Anyway, there's probably a little bit more that could be done with this one, but it's starting to get a little cluttered, so I think it's time for a change:

Have fun~