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Thanks for reviewing Skunter!

Okay, surprisingly, I actually have an explanation for Sands’ gender. I’m going to say right off the bat that Sands is male, but this is in Leah’s POV (well, most of it is) and she’s the one who’s referring to Sands as an ‘it’. Leah doesn’t care what gender her Pokemon is since it doesn’t matter to her, so therefore, poor Sands is constantly being treated as an ‘it’. Don’t worry though, that’s not going to last for long and I’ll be giving my trainer’s Pokemon genders as they get to know them.

About the anime-type stuff, now that I look back at the scene, I see how immature and cliché it really was. Sorry about that. I’ll make sure that that type of stuff doesn’t squeeze into later chapters.

Thanks a lot for the advice! This’ll definitely help later chapters!

Heh, and Finally Fantasy IV? I’ve never actually played any of the Final Fantasy games (shocking, isn’t it?), but maybe I should now. I’m getting curious.

About the next chapter, I’ve finished chapter three, but I’ve no clue when it’s going to be up because I’ve now got a beta! Censored has kindly agreed to look over my story for those evil spelling and grammar mistakes.

So, I have no clue when I’ll be back, but stay tuned! :D
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