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Quote originally posted by Hall Of Famer:
This game looks quite nice. Keep the good work up!
Why thank you!
And good luck on HOF aswell!

Quote originally posted by vannah08510:
Great game, though I wish the main character sprites were original. o-o
Thanks and I planned to do so..!
I even got the female sprite done just now..

Quote originally posted by POKEM4NlAC:
cant wait for a new update! i really like your new text box btw
Here is a new update(ish)!

Quote originally posted by SpRiTeRnInJa:
sounds good im trying it now
Ok, and do you like it?!


It's not really that big, but here is some eye-candy..
I'm not sure if I'm actually going to use it but still I hope you guys like it!

So this is (possibly) the new heroine sprite, I hope you guys like it, and please comment on this!!

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