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Originally Posted by Shaymew View Post
1.He KNOWS it, and UNDERSTANDS it, but was most likely in a hurry to write the thing up!
2. Nobody likes a grammer dictator....
3. you know whats even MORE n00bish than bad grammer? posting complaints about grammer when its not even relevant to the topic!!!
1. Oh he was in a hurry? Bull. Crap. I am HIGHLY doubtful that it was his haste and not his lack of knowledge that has made this "tutorial" devoid of all usefulness. He copied this entire tutorial from AdvanceMap. Anybody who can read can open up a program and write down what it tells them. But in order to write a tutorial, you should be able to explain what you are "teaching". When I asked for a more in-depth explanation of the '0F' value, he was unable to tell me more. I believe that this results more from his overall incompetence than from the fact that he may or may not have written the tutorial too quickly. And if it was because of his premature writing of this tutorial, why didn't he come back and edit it during the month and a half that it has been published for?
2. I'm not trying to focus on his grammar per se. Rather, I am trying to show that people should only write tutorials on subjects which they themselves fully comprehend. It's not his grammar that irritates me the most; it is instead his general incompetence. I'm sorry if I came off as some sort of grammar freak but often times I find that if people can't string together a sentence, chances are they can't hack very well either.
3. I'll admit that this whole argument has been the farthest thing from relevant but I get agitated when I see n00bs writing tutorials. And then for them to be unable to explain what they wrote because they don't understand the subject is, in my opinion, a slap in the face for the decent hackers. I'm not saying I'm a great hacker; I'm just saying that we should leave the research and discoveries (although this is hardly a discovery) to the people who are qualified in what they do.
Originally Posted by Shaymew View Post
can you explain what the different heights are more?
So you're asking him to explain something, huh? Good luck with that. I'd be surprised if he could give you any information whatsoever. I would tell you what the heights mean but I can admit that I'm terrible at explaining concepts. That's why I choose not to write tutorials (although again, I'll admit, I'm not a particularly advanced hacker).

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