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Okay so I am guessing Nicolas is busy so I decided to continue with the OW editing. For now, the male hero's running OW sprites are complete.
I am about to do the female one.


Okay, so now I have also inserted the sprites of both male and female heroes. Forget the face picture of the female character.
Here's some screeny. Both sprites are created by Nicolas.

I am still in the mood of ROM hacking though since this Tuesday.
So maybe there will be more updates today~


Quote originally posted by ~Watermelon:
I don't know what to say... xD
I really don't want to be spoiled.

Quote originally posted by ~Poke~:
I made another banner! It's heaps better than the other. (but a bit big)
wow, tyvm~

Quote originally posted by Tsukasa-sama:
I wish I could play it ;;

I really like it! Very well done, from what I can tell. Keep it up :D
why can't you play it? :\
anyways, thanks~



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