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Okay so here are some updates.
The female OW is done, partially, since I still need to do both the male and female OW sprites where they're biking, surfing, and calling their PKMN which knows HM moves.

Credits for Cloud from WAH for the OW reference sprite.
Now I'll be doing the male backsprite, that is, of course, if Nicolas haven't started doing that. :\

Quote originally posted by ryanycg:
nice sprites
(why does the girl have 3 badges)
anyways good luck
the girl has badges 'cause that's the state where I made progress.

Quote originally posted by Elite Salamance09:
Nice hack DJG! Your hack makes nintendo pokemon games look like nothing. Especially your gymleader picture!

Elite Salamance09~

Quote originally posted by Lockmaster24:
Maybe cause DJG played the game as the girl and that was progress



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