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Quote originally posted by Macintosh:
James, you could just simply make the top half a few pixels taller and it'd be fine
The trees have slightly been changed now anyways, and that's just one of the many new ones in the game.

Quote originally posted by ~Watermelon:
So. Do we get some kind of updates soon?
I'm currently working on a few things that need to be done before the update. Hopefully it'll have a few nice things in it that will make everyone happy

Quote originally posted by Atomic_Reactor:
Hmm, I'm not to big a fan of that red hair lol.
Although, it shouldnt be a problem, seeing as how you dont HAVE to chose it ;]
Haha that's very true, I don't mind the red hair, but it looks better with different hairstyles lol.

~Credit to Kyledove for the tiles.