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Quote originally posted by Buizel 9:
Man that's one weird sprite, im not sure if i like it, but anyway it's your hack.
Anyway good luck !

Quote originally posted by Feraligatr master:
Even though this is still very early in production, it has still amazed me, just like the previous two installments have, speaking of which im planning on replaying them both just so i can remind myself of the story so far So yup congratulations Jagold and good luck to you and your team.
replaying them, ei? well, just be aware of the bugs. :\

Quote originally posted by ~Watermelon:
Is it just me or are there new side mountain tiles?
new side mountain?
I don't get you.., or do you mean new mountain tiles have been inserted?
if so, then no new mountain tiles were inserted so far, though.
I'm sticking to FR mountain tiles.

(Weird though, you hack FR, but you include RSE tiles, while I'm on the other way around... )

Quote originally posted by Number Prince:
Ze!X is actually Cloud. He just renewed his name.

Sorry. The name is Ze!X not ZelX.
ah! name change. okay! thanks.

Quote originally posted by iPro.:
No, his name is Zelix/Zel!x. Anyways, everything looks really amazing DJG, please keep up the good work.
thanks and will do~

Quote originally posted by woesofthenorm:
I have another minor glitch to report (realllly reallly minor). When you set the clock in your room, your mom tells you that everything is moved in downstairs, aren't pokemon movers convenient, etc. There aren't any other script-related things to do with that, though; it's just some sort of leftover from Ruby, I guess.
yah, I already fixed that one.
I laughed when I discovered that bug, though... :D



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