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Originally Posted by OAK View Post
Hi PoKéMaKeR !
I really love your new screens and your new heroine sprite.
I would love to see the new male trainer :D

I wanted to play the demo, but the link isnt working
Could you fix it ?

And keep it up, this game looks so great.
Thanks and as EJames2100 said, he already uploaded the demo to several other sites, so try these links!

Originally Posted by Shaggy Typhlosion View Post
Nice heroine sprite--but she looks like Maylene, a gym leader from Sinnoh.
Oh, I also recommend storing the demo either on Rapidshare or because I can't download the demo.
That's just because of her pink hair I guess, because it's not..

Originally Posted by EJames2100 View Post
Alternate Download Links if needed

Nice new sprite, I think the pink hair is a little too bright but they do look different in-game :/

I'd like to see the new Male Sprite/OW

Also I like the new XP bar, fits in well with the text box
Why is it too bright?
Because in my opinion it's not
Thanks :D

Here is a new building I made just 10 minutes ago*

* I made it after seeing Waudaby's new building (This one looks like him, but I made it myself)

And here is the new hero ow:

Tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading

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