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Originally Posted by EricTheEevee View Post
so save in front of the tv?
also, would a abra synch work?
and how can i make it easier to find for the first time for when i reset?
Having a Pokemon in your team with Synchronize increases the chance (doesn't guarantee) that wild Pokemon will have the same nature as the Synch Pokemon.

The easiest way is to fly to Mossdeep, Surf northwest to Route 124 and find a small island with a house on it (Shard Master's House). With a Lv40 Pokemon in the lead, use a Max Repel, Surf the west side of the island twice. If [email protected] doesn't show, go inside the house, come back out, and repeat. The trick is that every time you go in and out of the house, [email protected] will change routes, but you don't. You can Surf between two routes, but you run the risk of [email protected] jumping into the route you were just in and then moving when you move back. Good luck.

Originally Posted by Kasbe View Post
A couple of questions:

-In Emerald, is it worth it training a Poochyena? And the little worm that appears in the beggining, too? Are there any differences (in terms of fighting) between male and female pokemons?
-In FireRed, what is the fastest way to get a Psyduck? (I really want one but I just started the game)
ANY Pokemon is worth training for the in-game part of the game. If you are seriously thinking of using either of these in the Battle Frontier or competetive battling against someone who knows how to battle though, I would suggest against it. They are both very weak.

As for Psyduck, while your first opportunity to get Psyduck is the pond in Viridian City, you don't get Surf or Super Rod until MUCH later. The REAL first opportunity will be on Route 12 (Silence Bridge). You get the Super Rod there and Psyduck shows up 1% of the time. Personally, I would avoid that because just a little further on you will get to the Safari Zone where you can obtain Surf. Once you have that, Fly back to Viridian City to that pond. Psyduck appear 100% of the time when you Surf there. Removes the hassle of waiting and waiting and waiting to hook a Psyduck on that unreliable rod.