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Quote originally posted by iPro.:
Actually they're not. Also, that screen isn't showing up. Here is the screen that shows they're not usable.

Anyways, that script looks great. This hack seems to have a cool and depressing feel to it :O

EDIT: Whoops, I just noticed you used the ones off his newest set. Sorry for all the confusion, they look alike.
no problem
however thanks

Quote originally posted by Masterge77:
When I saw this hacks name, I thought it was a Chrono Trigger Pokemon hack, now THAT would be awesome....

LAVOS, I choose you!!!!!!! LOL!!
thank you for having chosen me man XD

Quote originally posted by ~Watermelon:
Hey Dante, just a thought:
Do you want me to help you with the mapping?
I know that you are very good with the maps friend
but I don't believe to need help "
I prefer to do alone..
I hope not to have offended you
and however thanks for your suppor friend

Quote originally posted by Number Prince:
Actually, according to my calculation, there weren't any Grammactical/Spelling mistakes.

Anyways, I like the script! Will there be a Earthquake after the "Hidden Person" goes away?
when the people disappears there is another small earthquake that makes you wake up from the dream..

Quote originally posted by L O L L I P O P:
This hack is looking pretty good :> But something bugs me a bit. The english. It's not a big problem actually, it's just a little something that bugs me. I'm liking the graphics a lot. Good luck.
thank you
I am happy that you are liked this script some..
because this mysterious character will still appear

soon new updates!