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Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post

Here's the official Riley sprite made by Nintendo. And, I could create some tilesets for you but not sprites.
Ah too bad, thanks for that sprite though


A contest is open, read the rules in the update from february 16th
Also I'm currently looking for trainersprite-spriter(s)
If you want to apply do the following:

PM me with the title : "apply for spriter"
In the PM put the following:
  1. Your name (not necessary)
  2. Reason why I should pick you (if it's bad doesn't automatically mean your not chosen)
  3. Prove of your work
  4. Your msn address
And a request to readers of this thread:

Post some comments en (constructive) critism please, so I can use it to improve the game!

Thanks for reading!

(Click for the thread)

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