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Correction. You type in:
About the Zigzagoon event, I'm pretty sure that event's long over. However, you can still get the berry fix through 2 methods.
1. Link 2 GBAs, 1 with Ruby/Sapphire (Player 2) to be fixed, the other with FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald (Player 1). Load the FR/LG/E game first and on the title screen, press select and B. A new screen should show up. Now start up the R/S game while holding Start and Select. The R/S should be fixed now.
2. Pre-ordered Pokemon Colosseum games came with a bonus disc that allowed for a Jirachi to be transferred to the game. The berry fix is also transferred as well.

So, yeah, no shiny Zigzagoon. Sending it to Nintendo won't get you one either.

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