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Hullo all, and welcome to my trading and training thread! As you search my store of pokemon, keep in mind that I supply only the utmost of quality, and I can assure you of the legitimacy of anything caught myself as well.

Recently, I have decided to offer an EV training service, for a modest fee of course. This, I believe will help those who don't yet understand all the little intricacies of pokemon. Further, I will be more than happy to explain anything you may need about EVs, IVs, movesets, and competitive battling, you need only ask.

Good day to you all, and happy hunting!

[Currently Updating!!!]

I now offer EV training serivices, payment for such services will be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

All pokemon offered by this thread are UT (untouched), unless they are EV trained, in which case EV spreads will be given.

Nature'd pokemon:

Timid Mewtwo

Calm Navel Rock Lugia

Timid Navel Rock Ho-oh

Careful Sinnoh Registeel

Adamant Sinnoh Regirock

Calm Sinnoh Regice

[Emerald] Modest Kyogre

[Emerald] Jolly Groudon

Gentle Birth Island Deoxys

Lonely Birth Island Deoxys

Naive Birth Island Deoxys

Event/Special Pokemon:

Quirky XD Lugia

Relaxed Navel Island Lugia

Hardy Navel Island Ho-oh

Quirky and Naughty 10 ANIV Celebi

Relaxed Wishmaker Jirachi

Timid Gamestp Deoxys [22 SpA and 26 Spd IVs]

Lonely TRU Shaymin

Adamant Movie Regigigas

Quiet Alamos Darkrai

Relaxed Wish Kangaskhan

World08 Lucario

EV'd Pokemon:

IV'd Pokemon:

Shiny Pokemon:
Lonely Alakazam
Docila Ambipom
Calm Bibarel UT
Hasty Bibarel
Docile Clefairy
Lonely Croconaw
Adamant Elekid
Bold Exeggutor
Bold Eevee UT
Jolly Fearow
Adamant Gengar
Careful Gyarados
Calm Luxray
Brave Magneton
Impish Machop UT
Quite Ninetales
Quirky Ninjask
Serious Rapidash
Hardy Rampardos
Hasty Shiftry
Serious Spinda UT
Quirky Shedinja
Quirky Tentacruel UT
Bashful Tangela
Adamant Victreebel

Docile Articuno
Serious Zapdos
Serious Moltres
Gentle Suicune
Lonely Latias
Relaxed Deoxys
Hardy Manaphy
Sassy Manaphy
Lax Heatran
Gentle Cresselia
Shiny Bold Giratina UT
Shiny Gentle Rayquaza UT

**Italicized pokemon are out of stock**

Looking for these pokemon with good IVs:
Timid Latias [Modest and Bold would also be acceptable]
Bold Cresselia
Impish Registeel (also, I'd like a shiny Registeel)

I have NO interest in Level 100 pokemon unless they are EV trained. Ie: don't offer me any unless they are. And IF they are, post the EV spread.
And of course, I expect anything you offer to me to be legit, hm?

Note: Please post the following for all offered pokemon to save us both some time.
Lvl. ### [Pokemon] @ (item)
(EV Spread) OR (Stats)
Also, please do not re-post pictures in this post.

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