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Originally Posted by Bay View Post
Nice Intermission there. Heh, glad I read it as now I'm refreshed as to what happened in the story, or at least the gist of it. XD
Thanks. I was hoping it wouldn't be redundant, at least. I figured it'd be nice for the people who don't want to go through the massive tl;dr bit to refresh themselves about what this story's about after I spent almost a year doing... other... stuff. *whistles innocently*

I think though Viola rushed in her decision a bit. Maybe you could have had her thought about this a bit more or something.
Ooh. I was thinking this chapter was a bit short, so I'll play around with trying to lengthen that part to see what happens. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Rose M.M View Post
All I can say is wow... you've made something amazing. Have you thought of putting it on ? =) Fa-mazing, I'm glad I read this.
Thank you. And oddly enough, it is. Or, at least, the first two chapters are. I'd made a promise to put the rest up every Sunday, but I've been procrastinating in responding to some of the reviews I got for my other work there and, um, don't want to look like I'm blowing people off. ^_^; Hopefully, I'll get to it this weekend, so updates should resume sometime soon.

I'm glad you liked it, though. =D
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