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Heatrans Stats: LV 70, Male, has had PKRS before; Quick to Flee; Ability-Flash Fire; HP-216; ATT-145; DEF-170; SP.ATT-220; SP.DEF-161; SPD-119; Knows Scary Face, Lava Plume, Fire Spin Iron Head. & Quiet Nature

PKMN SoulSilver FC- Ask, I don't do a lot of business on this game.
PKMN White FC- Changes regularly as I restart to do more Nuzloke Chalenges
PKMN Black FC- 4727-8934-9125

Some of you may have me added already, I assure you that I haven't played my original Pokemon White version in years. Why? It was stolen. The White Version I play now is one I got as a gift. Any FC you may have for me is out of date (probably)
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