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just throwing out ideas
you are an ordinary 13 year old that is starting out in the nationwide metroplex of sonaus. it is populated by gen 1, 2, and 3 pokemon. you start on your gym quest, but mid way thru it you start to learn that everything is not as clean and pretty as it seems. there is much corruption and behind the scenes evil. there is no one overriding team of villains, but each area will each have at least two gangs, but they wont be working together (or will they?). those wont be the only people to contend with, there will be individuals, vigilantes, freelance criminals, and also people who train pokemon for the same reason you do, just because.
-huge explorable areas (remember saffron's closed buildings, none of that)
-rich story line
-all pokemon obtainable
-lots of trainers
-weather of all sorts
-familar faces
-new region to explore
-an encounter with DEATH (as a trainer)
-safe version of the original Idaho missingno (just for old times sakes)
-ledendary last battle with ASH and his pikachu.

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PS: is claire related to lance? because i think i might make claire lance's wife.
i seem to remember that they are related, i think they are siblings.
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i have found a great rom site, here

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