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Hack name: Pokemon Purple Starlight

Hack of: Ruby

Additional info: There's going to be a fakemon and a non-fakemon version, so everybody is happy, :] but they're going to be almost identical beside the pokemon. Just go down to my signature and click the link for the thread for info on the thread, plot etc.

Finished: almost nothing, I need the tilesets for the maps first

My skills: main plot/story, mapping, I've tried everything else and the results didn't turn out as I had hoped >.>

Needed skills: someone who is very knowledgeable at advanced scripting, ow spriter and battle spriter (front+back), and a title screen maker, or anything else anybody can do to help thats not listed. And whoever does scripts should come to me now, but won't start scirpting until after the maps are finished.

Contact info: PM me, email me ([email protected]), I have AIM too, click on the icon if you want to

Additional info: I'm not going to give up on this hack, so I need dedication towards it to be completed. I'm hoping that this hack gets big, or at least turns out very decent and professional looking. The link to the thread is in my sig for plot and features and such.

aaaaanybody, please help if you can, even if it's just one sprite or something.
Thanks in advance
...I'm back!