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Quote originally posted by Pellio:
I tried again, it just shows a question mark! Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I love this hack!
I don't understand why...:\
however thanks

Quote originally posted by MrQriz:
your hack has a wonderful story, nice tiles and awesome videos
thank you very much

Quote originally posted by megiddo:
Congratulations on winning hotw #54. Here's your award. First one done by me. Edit: Lighter text
My hack it's the HOTW #54!!
Thank you everyone to vote POKéMON CRONO!

Quote originally posted by [K]evin "The Last Eeveon":
Love the new updates. Can't wait to see the new ones

Thank you Kevin

Quote originally posted by HentaiHentai:

The Red Gyardos script was awsome.
I didnt know scripts like that could be made.
I know all about making OVW appear and disappear but the WATER?
How did you change the water from Blue to Red!?

Cool hack, nice tiles, nice story.
thank you friend
to change the water I've used only a movetiles...

Quote originally posted by ~Watermelon:
Can I join as a tile inserter (and mapper)?
Here's proof of work for tile inserting:

(In Pokemon LightRed)
you are indeed a good mapper.
but I don't sincerely need a mapper or a tile inserter.
I know how to do alone..
and what I don't know how to do...I want to learn it..
I hope that you don't offend yourself..
but I don't believe very in the collaborations in the hacking.
the gifts of graphics for example the banners and the fanbars are surely approved..
but as it regards the hacking I prefer to work alone.
thanks however for your proposal

Quote originally posted by BrokenRoses:
I would like to sign up to be a mapper & scripter
message me for proff if needed.
Thank You :D
same thing that I have told to ~Watermelon..
but however thank you

Quote originally posted by Jameseh:
Looks brilliant apart from the poor grammar and punctuation. Can't wait to try it.
thank you BrokenRoses

Quote originally posted by Xatoku:
Looks good, can't wait for it

Quote originally posted by Pippo_94:
Dante, sorry if I disturb you, but I want to give some helps to you. I'm not good at hacking, but if you want, I can try the game to find the bugs (it isn't so difficult, I think that you're going to do this yourself).
no problem..
all are beta tester..
when the beta will be released I will need the signalations of everybody..
thank you for your support

Quote originally posted by Esmas:
Hey, Dante! I never said anything about your hacks before, but you seem like a very fit ROM hacker!
You're scripts are very well done, and how the graphics and gameplay looks is awesome!

I'm glad that you moved to hack's ROM base over to Pokémon Ruby, so you can more easily manually implement all of the new graphics that you're planning to add. I just like how Ruby looks when it comes to great hacks like this.

I liked King of Sea, so I'll definitely be liking this! Good luck!
thank you my friend
I've chosen the basic ruby because I have more space for the tileses..
in comparison to FR
and I can create some very beautiful graphics ^ ^
However thanks for your support

Quote originally posted by Number Prince:
That's like asking for being a Beta Tester.

I don't think Dante will allow you to do this so.
you know me XD

Quote originally posted by L O L L I P O P:
This hack is totally awesome. I love the storyline and the graphics are teh hawtness :3 Keep up the good work! :>
thank you

Quote originally posted by SamieNiceGuy:
Looks great. I'll be playing this for sure. Your a great hacker and i added this page to my fav to keep an eye on it. I want to play it now
I am happy that you have added this page among yours preferred

Quote originally posted by mindfreak:
I really like your scripts and palettes.
Especially the script where the water color is changed to red.
thank you

I everything apologize to all to have been little present in this last week...
but, I had decided to take me a small vacation ^ ^
besides I wanted to thank all of you for your support because you help me to go on and to continue with my hack

1. if you remember you..
in the first images that I had shown..
there were two members of the team rocket.
I had provisionally used only that minisprites..
because there won't be any teams rocket.
that two individuals are a couple of rascals as Jessie and James in the animate series..
in the first part of the history these two types enter of hidden in the field of breeding of Arcanine of a called gentleman Mr. RUFUS.
The first time that meet them these two steals an arcanine with the help of an infiltrator (what then he will discover to be the BOSS) and they escape..
you pursue them to you but not results to stop them and them escape on a hot-air balloon (credits to my friend WesleyFG)
in these images Mr.Rufus will go to tell what has happened to the police..
what it will put on on the traces of the two thieves.

I want to add that this event is preceding to that of Red Gyarados

2. In the second UPDATE
as you can see..
there is a gilded world..
with gold trees etc..
naturally this won't be a real world of the region..
but another dream.
This time in this dream you will find a person already seen ^ ^
the famous man with the black mantle,
what a very important thing will show you and will tell you some things that will make the more interesting history.

I hope that you are liked these last updatings..
to the next news!!