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EDIT: read up till the end of the latest chapter and fixed some typos in this original post (it was late at night, also in dim light, what did you expect? DX)

I've just read up to the end of chapter one, and holy... Words can't describe how... it just grabs my attention and harnesses it.

I feel tired - thanks to the fact it's 11:40PM - but this is so captivating with such an excellence touch of description and imagery that I don't want to fall asleep. Hell, I want to finish up to the most recent chapter tonight! But unfortunately with mock trial research and jury selection at school tomorrow, I won't be able to sink my teeth into this rich piece of literature anymore tonight.

I find it funny how when it comes to horror or anything remotely scary in real life, it's a given that it'll scare me to death. Yet when I'm reading about how pocket monsters (or in Bill's case... about to be, I assume, thanks to that lovely red parasite spiked into his chest) are devoured and picked clean absolutely... fascinates me. (For instance, I couldn't take my eyes off of Maggots of Society, either) And so far I can't say I've disliked one use of a certain word or feel that something came off as confusing.

I wish I could capture some form of advice to give you, Jax, but I couldn't in my wildest dreams. Bravo thus far, I'm going to try and hook up the printer tomorrow so I can read this at school as well.

Thank you, for... this, really.


Now that I've read up to the end thus far, wow. I... didn't expect him to turn out... that way. XD A completely different storyline and plot from what I expected. I honestly thought Bill would just die for the sake of your own laughter, but I forgot one key piece, you prefer to torture him. ): And damn, what a cliff hanger, can't wait till the next chapter.

I like how, as the story develops, you also develop more description of his image. In the beginning stages I thought "What, does he look like a metal Charizard? o_0" but with time your bits and pieces glued together more description of his overall look. But even with that, I still feel that there's something you haven't pointed out yet, like an incomplete painting. Perhaps deliperate? Or maybe I just need to go re-read to fully understand his... current form's image.

Nothing to complain about, though.

Love it, Jax. <3
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