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So, basically, "I can get the edits done by tomorrow" translates into "I can get the edits done in two days, and why did FFNet strip all my line breaks? ;_;" Sorry, guys. In any case, now the editing is done, and we're all caught up and actually matching the FFNet version.

That said...

Originally Posted by BeachBoy View Post
But unfortunately with mock trial research and jury selection at school tomorrow, I won't be able to sink my teeth into this rich piece of literature anymore tonight.
On the positive side, you got to play Phoenix Wright. Extra points if you wore a blue suit and slicked back your hair for this. XD

Seriously, thanks for the compliments. =D I'm really glad you like it. It's pretty much my baby at the moment. (With MKD being like the jealous older child.)

I wish I could capture some form of advice to give you, Jax, but I couldn't in my wildest dreams. Bravo thus far, I'm going to try and hook up the printer tomorrow so I can read this at school as well.
And thank you for giving me the amusing image of you trying to explain to a teacher what you're doing instead of paying attention in class. XD ("Of course it's educational, ma'am! It's biology!")

I honestly thought Bill would just die for the sake of your own laughter, but I forgot one key piece, you prefer to torture him. ):
Yeah, that and using aliens to kill off the British scientist first has already been done. ;_;

But even with that, I still feel that there's something you haven't pointed out yet, like an incomplete painting. Perhaps deliperate?
Hmm. Well, it's actually not deliberate except in the fact that I didn't describe what Bill looked like from the shoulders up in chapter two because he couldn't see that part of himself. Beyond that, yeah, that's probably vagueness on my end. XD; The problem is that it's really difficult to figure out how to describe exactly what he looks like because most of his body is supposed to be so alien you're not supposed to compare it to anything you've seen in real life or in the Pokémon world. That and I was a bit wary about flooding the story with descriptions of both him and the other ixodida. (Bill's description alone is about a page, if I recall correctly. ._.) As I go, I might try to figure out better ways of putting it so I can spread out the description of an average ixodida over chapters instead of trying to go back and add more to the one in chapter two, but until then, I think the best way of putting it is imagining a xenomorph with a human head and diclonius (as in, the Elfen Lied sort) horns.

Thanks again for the review. I'm really flattered. ^_^
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