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Originally Posted by Buizel 9 View Post
Woahh Dante !
The updates are very nice, the hack seems to be progressin very well.
Well i just want to play the beta right now. Lool.
Anyway i hope to see some more updates soon.
Good luck Dante !

Buizel 9 ~
thank you my friend

Originally Posted by Esmas View Post
Very nice updates, Dante. I'm impressed with how quickly the hack updates. I really like the look of the forest, and I'm curious as to what scripts there are in it. I also like the idea of there being wild Pokémon grass everywhere, like in Ilex Forest in G/S/C.

You're doing a great job on this... I can't wait to see whatever's next. Good luck.
you have guessed
I have decided to inspire you have me movements of the forest as in the forest of GSC
so that to get a more beautiful effect

Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post
I'm impressed by the nice tree tiles!
thank you

Soon new updatings among which the date of the release of the beta!!