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Originally Posted by darkidan View Post
need help!

i used your program, i tried to copy a script to a new person.. how do i do it.. i mean if i get this info:
Opened file.
   -> 0x814E0A3
   -> 0x816B23C
   -> 0x2
   -> 0x816B23C
   -> DEWFORD TOWN is a tiny island community.
what info i need to put in the advance map-> events-> script offset and the rest.. thanks :]
You see the first "#org", which has "0x814E0A3"? Just take the last 6 digits (14E0A3), and put it (along with $) as the script offset ($14E0A3).

Originally Posted by kptinalynn View Post
Umm this may be a dumb question but what is a script editor? What does it do? Is it like a text editor? Because I can't find a working text editor anywhere.
The game is run by its own programming language, compiled into scripts. These control what people say, what events happen and when, and many other things (people walking towards you, using Strength for pushing boulders).
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